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All residents of BC are eligible to receive health care provisions, and must enroll for the Medical Services Plan (MSP). This health insurance plan covers services that are medically required and provided by physician. It also includes lab services and diagnostic procedures.

People moving to the province are eligible to receive health care after a waiting period of three months, and should apply for coverage immediately upon arrival. 

Insurance premium payments, based on family size and income, are required for MSP coverage. As of May 1, 2002 the monthly rates are: $54 for one person; $96 for a family of two; $108 for a family of three or more. Subsidies are available for low-income earners.

More information can be found at the MSP website

BC HealthGuide Program - The Government of BC also provides residents with access to the BC HealthGuide, a printed and online resource with information on more than 2,500 common health concerns. The site is based on sound medical information from leading medical and consumer publications that has been reviewed by BC doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. The handbook can help you learn how to prevent illness, injury or the worsening of a medical condition as well as when it is safe to use home treatment, and when you should see a doctor or other health professional.

The BC NurseLine is a toll-free health information line, staffed by knowledgeable, specially trained registered nurses who answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Translation services are available in 130 languages.

The nurses help you know when you can treat a problem safely at home, and when you need to see a doctor, or go to the emergency room. The nurses use a comprehensive health knowledge base in addition to their broad practical experience to provide accurate health information and answer questions about common health care concerns. They will help you determine when you need to seek further medical assistance.

BC NurseLine 24 hours toll-free
Within BC 1-866-215-4700
In greater Vancouver 604-215-4700
Deaf/Hearing Impaired 1-866-889-4700

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