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Municipal: The Mayor of Vancouver is Sam Sullivan of the Non-Partisan Association (since November 2005). The Mayor presides over City Council, the School Board and the Park Board.

Provincial: The elected leader of the BC government is Premier Gordon Campbell (Liberal Party, since June 2001). 

There are 34 elected Members of Parliament (MPs) and six appointed senators representing the province on a federal level.

The BC Legislative Assembly consists of 79 elected members (MLAs), including Cabinet Ministers. Along with the Premier, Cabinet Ministers determine government policy and manage administration for the following provincial ministries: Advanced Education; Agriculture; Food and Fisheries; Treaty Negotiations; Children and Family Development; Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services; Competition, Science and Enterprise; Education; Energy and Mines; Finance; Forests; Health Planning; Health Services; Human Resources; Management Services; Provincial Revenue; Public Safety; Skills Development and Labour; Sustainable Resource Management; Transportation; Water, Land and Air Protection. 

There are several Crown corporations, or provincial government-owned and operated businesses, including: BC Buildings Corporation; BC Hydro; BC Lottery Corporation; BC Rail; BC Transit; Columbia Power; Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC); Land and Water BC and Tourism BC. 

The Provincial government is responsible for roads and  waterworks, social, recreational and protection services, and is financed primarily by property taxes. Within the province there are Municipal Governments - incorporated cities, towns and districts. 

For more information about government organization and programs, visit the Government of British Columbia

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