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The city of Vancouver, located in southwestern British Columbia, is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Fraser River to the south, the Coast Mountains to the north and the Fraser Valley to the east. Within the city is the immense 900-acre Stanley Park. There are two Port of Vancouver shipping container docks located in the city.

Vancouver is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, otherwise called the Lower Mainland. 

The province of BC is bordered by Washington State, Idaho and Montana to the south, Alberta to the east, the Northwest and Yukon territories to the north, and Alaska to the northwest. 

Much of BCs interior is made up of forest, mountains and valleys. Travelers should be aware of the risks of forest fires, landslides and avalanches.

The Juan de Fuca fault stretches north to south between mainland BC and Vancouver Island, and presents a threat of earthquakes. Small earthquakes occur in the region regularly, though most are too small to be felt. About once in 20 years there is an earthquake that will cause damage.

Vancouver's drinking water comes from reservoirs in the Capilano, Seymour, and Coquitlam watersheds. On occasion during heavy rains, mud can penetrate these reservoirs and enter the city's water system and turn water brown in colour.

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