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Vancouver's economy is fast-growing, especially in the areas of high-tech, tourism, financial services, film production, education and natural resources. 

Public-sector companies are run by the government of BC or government of Canada, while Private-sector companies are owned and operated by individuals or corporations. 

Economic Source Information:
Vancouver Economic Development Commission and
Province of BC Economy Index

Tourism Sector

Nearly 90,000 people are employed in the tourism sector on a seasonal and year-round basis, contributing $3.1 billion per year to provincial profit. 

Vancouver hosts over 8 million overnight visitors per year and cruise ship passengers alone have amounted to over 1 million visitors to the city. 

For more information visit Tourism Vancouver or Tourism British Columbia

Technology Sector

New Media companies in Vancouver are world-renowned for their creative talent and production skills. The city has numerous web development, e-commerce, and software development businesses. Interactive products such as CD and DVD, virtual reality software, and Internet-based products are created here for entertainment, reference and education. 

The largest video game development studio in the world, Electronic Arts, is here. Since the mid-90's, multiple other game developers have built successful studios in Vancouver.

Animation, special effects and post-production service businesses exist to support the large amount of film production taking place in the city.

Telecommunications companies engineer and develop products that access North American and Pacific Rim markets. The industry generated revenues of more than $600 million in 1998. BC also has the highest concentration of wireless technology firms in Canada.

Biotechnology companies manufacturing medical, agricultural and consumer products are numerous in the province of BC. There are 90 private-sector firms, and several government research institutions at universities and hospitals.

For more information visit T-Net or New Media BC

Film & Television Sector

Film production spending amounts to more that $1 billion annually in Vancouver, the third largest film production centre in North America. Approximately 200 movies and television productions are shot here annually.

There are three major film companies, 26 studios, 70 post-production facilities and 50 shooting stages in the area that employ more than 35,000 people locally.

For more information visit BC Film Commission or BC Film

Financial Services Sector

Vancouver has branches of the TSX Venture Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, 30 foreign banks and 15 international financial institutions. The city is one of two International Finance Centres in Canada, is an International Arbitration Centre, and an International Maritime Centre which manages international shipping companies.

For more information visit the BC Financial Institutions Commission

Education Sector

ESL (English as a Second Language) centres, trades and technical training and new media and film studies are growing educational segments in Vancouver. There are two internationally acclaimed universities, several community colleges, a centre for technology education, and multiple private institutions that employ 67,000 people in the Vancouver area.

All public and private (kindergarten to post-graduate studies), technical and continuing professional development institutions have a combined annual economic impact estimated at $5.9 billion.

For more information visit the Ministry of Education

Resource Sector

Forestry is the largest sector and accounts for  up to 100,000 related jobs. 

Mining activities in BC generate over $4 billion in annual revenue.

Petroleum products are a major export to the US.

For more information visit the Province of British Columbia

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